Quick Dry Fabric/Moisture Management fabric
  • This fabric is using uniquely X shaped cross-section fiber, that sweat and moisture will be pulled from skin very quickly and extend the wet area of fabric surface as big as possible. Due to the wet area much wider than general fiber, enable sweat /moisture for air dry swiftly and evaporates very quickly to prevent clothes from sticking to the body.
  • Sweat in the process of air dry, when the sweat evaporates into vapor which will cause a physical phenomenon of heat absorbing reaction, to keep the fabric cool and provide user with excellent dry touch and cool sensation during intense exercise or sports competition.

  • In the winter or low Temperature condition, too much moisture inside clothes will affect the warm keeping performance. SPORTINGTEX® Quick Dry Fabric can pull moisture out of clothes quickly to keep skin and clothes as dry as possible.

  • The special structure fiber is built by many micro-spaces inside yarn enable air pass easily to make fabric more breath.
  • This fabric will give you excellent dry touch with breath and cool effect.


Quick dry fiber cross section




UV Cut Fabric / Sun block fabric
  • This fabric is using UV-Cut fiber that could isolate UV ray and reduce thermal transmission to provide excellent skin protection and comfortable cool performance.
  • This high tech fiber is washable and withstand long term.
  • The amount of Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) indicates the time length of a garment protects from solar radiation. For example, a garment with UPF 1 that means wearer will be protected from sunlight for about 10 minutes. If you are wearing a garment with UPF 20 that means you can stay in the sun for 200 minutes (Approx. 3 hours) without problem. Therefore, for people who need to stay outdoor whole day may need to wear UV-Cut functional cloth which can meet UPF 40↑.
  • UV-Cut fabric has 3 ratings of UV-cut hang tag, based on different UPF rating (as the table below), due to fabric structure / cover rate will affect fabric UV-Cut ability.


UV Rays
Blocked (%)
15+ 15~24 93.3~95.8 Good protection
25+ 25~40 95.9~97.4 Very good protection
40+ 40~50↑ more than 97.5 Excellent protection


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Anti Bacteria /Deodorant
  • Prevent the growth of microbial that may cause itching and unpleasant odor.
  • By the nature anti-bacteria treatment technology gives fabric a long lasting durability and safety.
  • Maintain hygiene & comfort to the human body.
  • This fabric is using special cross-section fiber, sweat and moisture will be pulled from skin very quickly, give you excellent dry touch with breath and cool effect.








Bamboo fiber Textile

This fabric contains bamboo fiber which uses natural bamboo as the raw material to extract bamboo cellulose for processing. The bamboo fiber does not contain any chemical additive and it is biodegradable.

  • Moisture absorbency and sweat discharging:
    By the property of bamboo cellulose to build many voids inside fiber, which can absorb moisture and pull the sweat from skin soon also evaporate quickly.
  • Great air permeability and cool effect :
    Through the voids of fiber inside for air permeate to make fabric as aspiratory fabric. Besides, that moisture contained rate of bamboo fiber is much higher than others fiber and in the normal atmospheric temperature. The moisture/water temperature is lower than human body temperature which provides natural cool effect.
  • Anti-bacteria :
    The bamboo has unique natural anti-bacteria function to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Environmental protection:
    Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant of the world and pest-resistant naturally. There are not any pesticide be used during planting, moreover, the bamboo fiber is biodegradable so the bamboo fiber is a complete ECO protection fiber.



Cooling Textiles / Cooling fabric

SPORTINGTEX ® Cooling Textile / Cooling fabric  by use the special natural low Temp. mineral and build it inside fiber to slow the speed rising of fabric Temp. when fabric touch heat source (like skin) and release heat swiftly after quit the heat source to keep fabric itself cool.

  • Cooling Effect
    By the cooling tech., this fabric provide the wearer with cool feeling of Temp. 1~2℃ lower when touching fabric and give wearer cooling effect like Temp. 2~3℃ lower after long exposure sunlight.
  • UV-Cut
    This fabric also has great sun protection effect.
  • Energy Saving
    Wearing this fabric in the air condition space, the A/C Temp. can increase 1~2℃to save 5~8% electric power.
  • Quick Dry
    This fabric made from unique shape cross section structure fiber, that sweat and moisture will be pulled from skin very quickly to give wearer excellent dry touch with breath and cool feeling.




Far infrared ray
  • Keep warm as thermal barrier.
  • Enhance blood circulation and increases metabolism as well.
  • Far infrared ray fiber is so-called ceramic fiber, because the ceramic is built inside fiber enable the fabric can absorb body heat and then release far infrared ray of 8~12μm wave length. Which is very similar with human body release wave length 9.36μm, therefore the Far Infrared Ray can penetrate skin and deeply to prompt the water molecule to come into resonating and give heat that will enable blood vessels to bring thermal expansion to prompt the blood circulation and metabolism also vitalize cells.


Hollow fiber
  • Light weight & warm keep with dry quick.
  • Hollow fiber can trap the warm air as thermal insulating keep body warm and isolate cool air outside.
  • This fabric can draw the moisture outside of fabric and evaporated quickly provide you dry with warm wearing.














Bamboo Charcoal fiber


SPORTINGTEX® Bamboo Charcoal fabric is using 4 years old Taiwan bamboo to carbonize it by a traditional kiln at 800℃ and them via nano-grinding and biochemical spinning become bamboo charcoal fiber.

  • Deodorant effect: Bamboo after high Temperature process will bring lots micro cells to absorb and neutralize bad odor.
  • Anion (minus ion)_Air Vitamin: Improve blood circulation, purify blood and activate cells also enhance immunity
  • Far infrared ray effect: Enhance hypodermic blood circulation to Keep warm as thermal barrier and increases metabolism as well.




Waterproof . Wind-off . Moisture permeable / Breathable
  • By the 3 layers / 2 layers Lamination technology combine TPU or Micro-porous PU membrane with fabrics, Provide you high performance waterproof, wind-off and moisture permeability / breath ability, keep you warm and dry with comfortable.
  • TPU membrane Tech: By water blocked layer – TPU membrane to stop water / moisture out of clothes. Using the hydrophilic property of TPU membrane to absorb clothes inside sweat / moisture and them by the air pressure different of clothes outside and inside to push moisture out of clothes.
  • Micro-porous PU membrane Tech: By using the water liquid molecule is much bigger than water vapour molecule to stop water out of clothes and enable water vapour through easily. Because that there are many micro-pores in the membrane. The pores is small than water liquid molecule to stop water out, but the pores is much bigger than water vapour molecule enable the water vapour easy pass.


Silver Ions AntiMicrobial Textiles
  • This fabric has great anti-bacteria and deodorant ability, can prevent the growth of microbial that may cause itching and unpleasant odor.
  • By advanced Silver Ions Antimicrobial treatment technology to give fabric great anti-bacteria and deodorant ability with excellent durability and full-time anti-bacteria protection.
  • This fabric also using special X shaped cross-section fiber, that sweat and moisture will be pulled from skin very quickly, give you excellent dry touch with breath and cool effect.







Germanium Alloy fabrics

 Germanium Alloy fabrics via the high temperature sintering and nano-grinding to make Germanium Alloy become Germanium Alloy Crystal and built inside fiber to make fabric released large number Minus Ion by the light friction 、force、light and heat(32℃↑) also into body via breath and skin, to neutralize body cation(positive ion) provide you tireless, Activate cell & enhance immunity.

  • Germanium Alloy fabric also has Far infrared ray effect to enhance hypodermic blood capillary circulation and increases metabolism.
  • Germanium Alloy belong to a kind of semiconductor, therefore its nice conductivity property give this fabric Anti-static function provide you more comfortable wearing.
  • By high temperature and nano-grinding processes that give Germanium Alloy powder with innumerable fine pore to absorb and eliminate unpleasant odor.
  • This fabric by using cross-section fiber, that sweat and moisture will be pulled from skin surface very quickly.


Recycled Textile

SPORTINGTEX ® Recycled Textile is made from recycled PET bottle which form cleaning, cutting, melting and spinning processes to get Recycled Polyester yarn, whose quality is as stable as normal polyester yarn.

Good EnVironment Protection: Recycled wasted resources to reduce environment pressure and resources wasting.

Good safety: PET bottle and normal polyester both come from same material, therefore the SPORTINGTEX ® Recycled polyester yarn is same property as normal polyester yarn, such as non-toxic, stable and easy care.