In view of the global warming phenomenon to be on the serious. SPORTINGTEX® started to push plan from 2006 and have a great achievement so far.

from staffs education to give all staffs complete concept of environmental protection. In office, we request staffs to strict execute 3R activity (Recycle, Reuse and Reduce). In 2007, we have increased recycled office wares purchasing 40%. By the Reuse activity to reduce papers using 28%. The other hand, by used Cooling Textile fabric for office uniform enable air condition Temperature rose1~2℃ also used energy saving lamp to save electric power 15% as compared with 2006.

In the factories, except execute the 3R(Recycle, Reuse and Reduce) with production thoroughly. Also, via processing adjustment and facilities renovation to reduce CO2 emission and resource / energy consumption. In 2007, our resource / energy consumption has much decreased 12% and increased energy efficiency15%.

For the green products developing that based on 2 targets to develop green fabrics, one of target is based on fabric production and fabric itself is environmental protection / friendly such as Bamboo fiber, recycled Polyester, organic cotton, PLA fiber, PP fiber and so on. Another target is based on the fabric function to help user to reduce resource consumption or any environmental protection effect. Such as Cooling Textile and Bamboo Fiber.

is part of the earth, therefore has the responsibility to help the world better and keep going . does, you too.