UV Cut Fabric / Sun Block Fabric
UV Cut Fabric / Sun Block Fabric
  • This fabric is using UV-Cut fiber that could isolate UV ray and reduce thermal transmission to provide excellent skin protection and comfortable cool performance.
  • This high tech fiber is washable and withstand long term.
  • The amount of Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) indicates the time length of a garment protects from solar radiation. For example, a garment with UPF 1 that means wearer will be protected from sunlight for about 10 minutes. If you are wearing a garment with UPF 20 that means you can stay in the sun for 200 minutes (Approx. 3 hours) without problem. Therefore, for people who need to stay outdoor whole day may need to wear UV-Cut functional cloth which can meet UPF 40↑.
  • UV-Cut fabric has 3 ratings of UV-cut hang tag, based on different UPF rating (as the table below), due to fabric structure / cover rate will affect fabric UV-Cut ability.


UV Rays
Blocked (%)
15+ 15~24 93.3~95.8 Good protection
25+ 25~40 95.9~97.4 Very good protection
40+ 40~50↑ more than 97.5 Excellent protection


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