Cooling Textiles / cooling fabric
Cooling Textiles / cooling fabric

SPORTINGTEX ® Cooling Textile / Cooling fabric  by use the special natural low Temp. mineral and build it inside fiber to slow the speed rising of fabric Temp. when fabric touch heat source (like skin) and release heat swiftly after quit the heat source to keep fabric itself cool.

  • Cooling Effect
    By the cooling tech., this fabric provide the wearer with cool feeling of Temp. 1~2℃ lower when touching fabric and give wearer cooling effect like Temp. 2~3℃ lower after long exposure sunlight.
  • UV-Cut
    This fabric also has great sun protection effect.
  • Energy Saving
    Wearing this fabric in the air condition space, the A/C Temp. can increase 1~2℃to save 5~8% electric power.
  • Quick Dry
    This fabric made from unique shape cross section structure fiber, that sweat and moisture will be pulled from skin very quickly to give wearer excellent dry touch with breath and cool feeling.