Recycled Fabric / Eco Fabric

How does it work?

SPORTINGTEX ® Recycled Textile is made from recycled PET bottle which form cleaning, cutting, melting and spinning processes to get Recycled Polyester yarn, whose quality is as stable as normal polyester yarn.


Good EnVironment Protection:
Recycled wasted resources to reduce environment pressure and resources wasting.

Good safety:
PET bottle and normal polyester both come from same material, therefore the SPORTINGTEX ® Recycled polyester yarn is same property as normal polyester yarn, such as non-toxic, stable and easy care.

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紡拓會: 阿瘦實業、商晉實業通過瞬間涼感紡織品逐批檢驗

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紡拓會說,近幾年我國機能性紡織品發展良好,為世界機能性紡織品之主要供應國,許多世界知名品牌皆指定我國機能性紡織品為其主要供應來源,機能性紡織品為我國紡織業者主要獲利來源,且紡拓會機能性紡織品驗證制度係依據國際ISO/IEC Guide 65規定建立,驗證業務具備公正、客觀及獨立性,所核發之證書及吊牌可使消費大眾對機能性紡織品產生信心。



To save the world from the worst effect from the climate change Global Warming, it’s likely not enough to cut carbon dioxide emissions; we need to start scrubbing carbon dioxide pollution from the atmosphere as well.

As an earth protector, SPORTINGTEX® has been working on Green SPORTINGTEX® program since 2006 and following the “3R” (Recycle, Reduce and Reuse) rule in order to reduce pollutions and improve our environment.


Over a decade, following the “3R” rule must be strictly required in the office and the factories. For instance, we have been using Cooling-Textile for the staff uniforms since we established in 2004, so that the use of air conditioning would highly reduce by 30%. Simultaneously, using Energy-Saving LED light bulb in the office technically saves 15% of electronic use last year. Besides, in the factories, facility renovation is the key point to solve the carbon dioxide emissions problem and decrease energy consumptions.


Regarding to the Green products, the development of environmentally friendly fabrics based on two objectives, one of them is based on the premise of the low energy consuming process and the product itself with environmental protection.

 Such as bamboo fiber, recycled polyester fiber, organic cotton, corn fiber and polypropylene fiber, etc.

Another goal is to help users reduce energy consumption or other environmental effects by adding additional features to the fabric. Such as cooling fabric and bamboo fabric.

SPORTINGTEX® has responsibility 

to make the world better. 

We can make it, so can you!

Collagen Fiber Textiles

How does it work?

Collagen fiber is produced from renewable natural resources such as ocean collagen peptides from recycled fish scales. The collagen fabric is extremely soft. It can provide a better moisturizing for the skin and protect skin to the sun’s UV Rays, also great for the sensitive skin and has a natural deodorizing.


Nature features:

  1. Skin friendly / Great for sensitive skin.

Collagen fiber had passed the sensitive and irritation skin testing, so it is applicable of baby and people who has sensitive skin problem.

  1. Eco Friendly

The peptide amino acid gains from recycled fish scales that are nature resource material so can reduce environment pollution.

  1. Nature Deodorizing

The functional group of amino acid can decompose the odor and be removed by water and wind from the air. Because the odor is decomposed instead of being absorbed by collagen fiber,so without saturation problem.

  1. Better moisturizing

Collagen fiber contains appropriate amount of collagen peptide Amino Acid and multi kinds of Amio Acids,so it has the best moisture feature and can keep the best moisture feeling to the skin and become the nature skin care for the body.

  1. UV-CUT

Collagen fiber can absorb the light of UV-A and UV-B, so it can provide UV-CUT function and protect the skin to the Sun’s UV rays.

  1. Anti-Static

Collagen fiber has better moisture regain and better moisturizing so can reduce static electricity generated by friction between fabric and skin. It can provide excellent anti-static feature. 

  1. Cool feeling

Collagen fiber has better moisture regain and better moisturizing than general fiber, so can have better cool feeling. 


  • Underwear / Lingeries
  • Bedding / Bed sheets
  • Beauty Products
  • Clothing / Sportswear 

Waterproof . Wind-off . Moisture permeable / Breathable Fabric

  • By the 3 layers / 2 layers Lamination technology combine TPU or Micro-porous PU membrane with fabrics, Provide you high performance waterproof, wind-off and moisture permeability / breath ability, keep you warm and dry with comfortable.


TPU membrane Tech:

By water blocked layer – TPU membrane to stop water and moisture out of clothes. Using the hydrophilic property of TPU membrane to absorb clothes inside sweat and moisture by the different air pressure of clothes’ outside and inside to push moisture out of clothes.

Micro-porous PU membrane Tech:

By using the water liquid molecule is much bigger than water vapor molecule to stop water out of clothes and enable water vapor through easily. Because that there are many micro-pores in the membrane. The pores are small than water liquid molecule to stop water out, but the pores is much bigger than water vapor molecule enable the water vapor easy pass.



Germanium Alloy fabric

How does it work?

 Germanium Alloy fabrics via the high temperature sintering and nano-grinding to make Germanium Alloy become Germanium Alloy Crystal and built inside fiber to make fabric released large number Minus Ion by the light friction 、force、light and heat(32℃↑) also into body via breath and skin, to neutralize body cation(positive ion) provide you tireless, Activate cell & enhance immunity.

>>Keep you warm and boost your metabolism

Germanium Alloy fabric also has Far Infrared Ray effect to enhance hypodermic capillary circulation and increases metabolism.Germanium Alloy belongs to a kind of semiconductor; therefore, its’ nice conductivity makes the wearing Anti-static and cozy.

High temperature and Nano-grinding processes give Germanium Alloy powder with innumerable fine pore to absorb and eliminate unpleasant odor.This fabric by using cross-section fiber, that sweat and moisture will be pulled from skin surface very quickly.



Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Fabric

What's the magic of it?

SPORTINGTEX® Bamboo Charcoal fabric is using 4 years old Taiwan bamboo to carbonize by a traditional kiln at 800℃ and then via Nano-grinding and biochemical spinning become bamboo charcoal fiber.


Deodorant effect:

Bamboo after high Temperature process will bring lots micro cells to absorb and neutralize bad odor.


Anion (Minusion) Air Vitamin:

Improve blood circulation, purify blood and activate cells also enhance immunity

Far Infrared Ray effect:

Enhance hypodermic blood circulation to keep warm as thermal barrier and increases metabolism as well.



Far Infrared Radiation Fabric / FIR Fabric

How does it work?

Far infrared ray fiber is called ceramic fiber, because the ceramic is built inside fiber enable the fabric can absorb energy from sunlight or human body and then release far infrared ray of 8~12μm wave length. Which is very similar with human body release wave length 9.36μm.

>>Keep warm as thermal barrier

Enhance blood circulation and increases metabolism as well

Additionally, the Far Infrared Ray can penetrate skin deeply to boost the water molecule coming into resonate and generate heat. It will expand capillaries to improve the blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.



Cooling Fabric

How does it work?

SPORTINGTEX ® Cooling Textile / Cooling fabric  by use the special natural low Temp. mineral and build it inside fiber to slow the speed rising of fabric Temp. when fabric touch heat source (like skin) and release heat swiftly after quit the heat source to keep fabric itself cool.

>>For the maximum comfort and high performance

Cooling Effect

By the cooling technology, in the same condition this fabric makes users feel 1~2℃ lower than the regular fabric such as cotton; technically, if you wear cooling products under long time sunlight exposure, you would feel 2~3℃cooler than you expected.


This fabric also has great sun protection effect, greatly improving your overall well-being.

 Energy Saving

Wearing this fabric in the A/C room, the A/C temperature can rising 1~2℃ to save 5~8% electric power.

 Quick Dry

This fabric made up of unique cross section structure fiber, that sweat and moisture will be pulled away from skin very quickly to give users excellent dry touch and cooling vibes.