To save the world from the worst effect from the climate change Global Warming, it’s likely not enough to cut carbon dioxide emissions; we need to start scrubbing carbon dioxide pollution from the atmosphere as well.

As an earth protector, SPORTINGTEX® has been working on Green SPORTINGTEX® program since 2006 and following the “3R” (Recycle, Reduce and Reuse) rule in order to reduce pollutions and improve our environment.


Over a decade, following the “3R” rule must be strictly required in the office and the factories. For instance, we have been using Cooling-Textile for the staff uniforms since we established in 2004, so that the use of air conditioning would highly reduce by 30%. Simultaneously, using Energy-Saving LED light bulb in the office technically saves 15% of electronic use last year. Besides, in the factories, facility renovation is the key point to solve the carbon dioxide emissions problem and decrease energy consumptions.


Regarding to the Green products, the development of environmentally friendly fabrics based on two objectives, one of them is based on the premise of the low energy consuming process and the product itself with environmental protection.

 Such as bamboo fiber, recycled polyester fiber, organic cotton, corn fiber and polypropylene fiber, etc.

Another goal is to help users reduce energy consumption or other environmental effects by adding additional features to the fabric. Such as cooling fabric and bamboo fabric.

SPORTINGTEX® has responsibility 

to make the world better. 

We can make it, so can you!