Collagen Fiber Textiles

How does it work?

Collagen fiber is produced from renewable natural resources such as ocean collagen peptides from recycled fish scales. The collagen fabric is extremely soft. It can provide a better moisturizing for the skin and protect skin to the sun’s UV Rays, also great for the sensitive skin and has a natural deodorizing.


Nature features:

  1. Skin friendly / Great for sensitive skin.

Collagen fiber had passed the sensitive and irritation skin testing, so it is applicable of baby and people who has sensitive skin problem.

  1. Eco Friendly

The peptide amino acid gains from recycled fish scales that are nature resource material so can reduce environment pollution.

  1. Nature Deodorizing

The functional group of amino acid can decompose the odor and be removed by water and wind from the air. Because the odor is decomposed instead of being absorbed by collagen fiber,so without saturation problem.

  1. Better moisturizing

Collagen fiber contains appropriate amount of collagen peptide Amino Acid and multi kinds of Amio Acids,so it has the best moisture feature and can keep the best moisture feeling to the skin and become the nature skin care for the body.

  1. UV-CUT

Collagen fiber can absorb the light of UV-A and UV-B, so it can provide UV-CUT function and protect the skin to the Sun’s UV rays.

  1. Anti-Static

Collagen fiber has better moisture regain and better moisturizing so can reduce static electricity generated by friction between fabric and skin. It can provide excellent anti-static feature. 

  1. Cool feeling

Collagen fiber has better moisture regain and better moisturizing than general fiber, so can have better cool feeling. 


  • Underwear / Lingeries
  • Bedding / Bed sheets
  • Beauty Products
  • Clothing / Sportswear