The Wholesale Fabric Sourcing Complete Guide: FAQ and How

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Sourcing Wholesale Fabric & Fabric Quotation Question (for sample and mass production)​

Yes. We can duplicate fabric. We need the customer to provide the original swatch to us. Our team will help to analyze & evaluate fabric patterns and structures to create the required fabric product.

Fabric sample is available if it’s in stock.

Yes. MOQ is 4000yards/per item; MCQ is 800yards/per color. Please contact us if you need assistance.

We don’t have fabrics in stock. Since we are a fabric manufacturer, production begins only after receiving order confirmation(Make-To-Order production). Some of our regular fabric items have few yards available for customers’ sample purposes.

In general, lead-time takes around 45~60days. If you have any urgent orders, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

(1) 40% T/T deposit and 60% T/T before shipment
(2) L/C at sight.
Please contact us if you have a different preference.

It depends on each fabric item. The average is about 155~160cm.

It depends on each fabric item. The average is about 155~160cm.

Usually, the quotation unit is by yard or kg.

Yes. Most fabric items can be modified by requested color, material, texture, and weight. Our team will evaluate the possibility and discuss it with customers for better modification.

Yes. We control colour by maintaining colour continuity records for customers who wish to have repeat orders. We also help to prepare greige for continual production if a repeat order is confirmed.

We pack fabric in standard exporting packing (by roll). Each roll packs with two plastic bags. Ocean shipping or air freight are options according to customers’ requirements.

Step-By-Step Process of Souring Fabric

❶ A Letter of Inquiry:

Please email us and let us know your requirements as follow:
(1) Application/End Use
(2) Fabric content (Polyester/Nylon/Blended etc)
(3) Fabric weight/Width
(4) Special Finishes/Treatments

❷ We deliver A4 size fabric swatch:

According to customer’s requirement, we select A4 fabric swatches (18cm*16cm). Fabric swatch is free of charge. Sample yardage and price depend on availability of each item. Please send us the item number you wish to receive sample yardage; we will help to check further.

❸ Quotation:

Based on a large variance of requirements from fabric to fabric, most quotations need to be prepared by the estimator to check the current material cost. You will receive your quotation within 1-2 business days. Yard, kg, and meter can be offered as quotation requirements.

❹ Lead time & Payment Term:

Lead time is normally 60 days. If you have an urgent order, please let us know. Payment Term depends on customer’s preference: (1) 40% T/T deposit and 60% T/T before shipment. (2) L/C at sight.

❺ Client provides Pantone color code:

Please send us the Pantone color code to proceed with color approval. Alternatively, a piece of fabric sample that can show us the desired color will be helpful to dye fabric correctly as well.

❻ Lab-Dip for color approval:

We proceed with the Lab-Dip with the required Pantone color code. Once completed the Lab-Dip, D65 light source used in color matching. If you have a different standard to match the color, please let us know.

❼ Pre-production sample confirmation:

After receiving the customer’s confirmation of color approval, we will proceed with bulk production by starting material purchasing. 1~2 yards of a pre-production sample will deliver to the customer for final approval.

❽ Bulk Production:

After confirming the final color/quality/weight with the customer, we proceed with mass production accordingly.

❾ FQA & Packing:

Factory Quality Assurance is the final stage of the textile production process. We make sure our customers receive fabric rolls without any problems. After final inspection, each fabric is packed by roll with two plastic bags.

❿ Export:

Fabric rolls will be shipped by sea, which is the most economical way for shipping costs. Transport cost as air transport is more costly than sea transport. If you are new, please let us know. We will assist you further.

Fabric Duplicating / Design Fabric

The Wholesale Fabric Sourcing Complete Guide: FAQ and How

❶ A Letter of Inquiry:

Please send us fabric information that you wish to duplicate.: (1) Application/End Use (2) Fabric content (Polyester/Nylon/Blended etc) (3) Fabric weight/Width (4) Special Finishes/Treatments (5) MOQ/MCQ

❷ Client sends the fabric swatch to us:

It will be more accurate if you send us a fabric swatch you wish to duplicate. A swatch helps our team understand the fabric structure and yarn count made for desired fabric.

❸ Quotation:

After our team analyzes the original yarn count and structure of desired fabrics, we will check the current yarn price and calculate to finalize a quotation.

❹ Produce sample & Confirmation:

We need the customer’s agreement to make a sample roll, including the sample fee. We will deliver the sample roll to the customer for final approval. If it’s unnecessary to ship a whole fabric roll, we can deliver 1~2yards first. The rest of the samples can be shipped with bulk production.

❺ Manufacturing & Export:

After receiving sample approval from the customer, production will proceed. Since it’s a challenge to ship a sample roll by sea, typically, we ship samples by air via DHL or FedEx. If you need assistance with exporting, please contact us.