Bamboo Fiber Fabric

What's the magic of it?

This fabric contains bamboo fiber which uses natural bamboo as the raw material to extract bamboo cellulose for processing. The bamboo fiber does not contain any chemical additive and it is biodegradable.


Moisture absorbency and sweat discharging:

By the property of bamboo cellulose to build many voids inside fiber, which can absorb moisture and pull the sweat away from skin instantly also evaporate quickly.

 Great air permeability and cooling effect:

Through the voids of fiber inside for air permeate to make fabric as aspiratory fabric. Besides, that moisture contained rate of bamboo fiber is much higher than other fibers and in the normal atmospheric temperature. The moisture/water temperature is lower than human body temperature which provides natural cool effect.


The bamboo has unique natural anti-bacteria function to prevent the growth of bacteria.

 Environmental protection:

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant of the world and pest-resistant naturally. There is not any pesticide be used during planting, moreover, the bamboo fiber is biodegradable so the bamboo fiber is a complete ECO protection fiber.