Taiwan Textiles

Taiwan textile is being well known as industrial clusters which have contributed successful establishment with interaction relationship between different manufacturers and institutions.  Wearable technology has become one of the most typical industries in Taiwan, because we have the advantages to integrate with different industries and create valuable fabrics.  Nowadays, people change the wearing habits and have strong awareness of environment protection. 

Sportingtex is aware the change and fully supported by flexible industrial chain in spinning, dyeing, printing technology to create functional fabrics for users to accustom dramtic weather and get comfortable while working or exercising.

Collagen fiber Textiles

SPORTINGTEX  In view of the large demand of customer in the market, new collagen series related products have been launched. Collagen fiber textiles can be widely used in various products such as underwear / underpants, sports underwear, sportswear, yoga wear, casual wear, bed sheets, etc. and other related products. Collagen fiber is produced from renewable natural resources such as ocean collagen peptides from recycled fish scales that is eco-friendly material and can reduce environment pollution. The collagen fabric is extremely soft. It can provide a better moisturizing for the skin and protect skin to the sun’s UV Rays, also great for the sensitive skin and has a natural deodorizing.

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紡拓會: 阿瘦實業、商晉實業通過瞬間涼感紡織品逐批檢驗

2012年07月06日 08:00 消基會最近抽驗十款市售涼感衣,結果有統一超商等業者販售之五款未達標準,對此,推動機能性紡織品驗證推廣及服務之紡拓會表示,並未有統一超商申請「瞬間涼感紡織品」驗證之紀錄。 紡拓會說,本年截至6月底止,通過該會機能性紡織品驗證項目「瞬間涼感紡織品」驗證者,計有5家次(4家廠商),其中2家次係通過「研發樣品」驗證,3家次(2家廠商)通過「逐批檢驗」驗證。該2家通過逐批檢驗廠商,一家為阿瘦實業股份有限公司,係用作鞋內裡使用;而另一家為商晉實業股份有限公司,係其用作POLO衫之針織布料。 該會表示,紡拓會機能性紡織品驗證,係結合紡織產業綜合研究所及學界專家,透過嚴謹的程序制定相關驗證規範。而「瞬間涼感紡織品」驗證測試,需將20公分見方之試驗樣本,置於20oC,相對溼度65%環境下放置24小時,於恆溫恆濕環境下,以熱效應測定儀進行測試,紡拓會委託測試之機構為全國公證檢驗公司及紡織產業綜合研究所。前述報載消基會是否具備此類檢測設備與使用相同之檢測方法,紡拓會表示並不清楚。 紡拓會說,近幾年我國機能性紡織品發展良好,為世界機能性紡織品之主要供應國,許多世界知名品牌皆指定我國機能性紡織品為其主要供應來源,機能性紡織品為我國紡織業者主要獲利來源,且紡拓會機能性紡織品驗證制度係依據國際ISO/IEC Guide 65規定建立,驗證業務具備公正、客觀及獨立性,所核發之證書及吊牌可使消費大眾對機能性紡織品產生信心。

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