Waterproof . Wind-off . Moisture permeable / Breathable Fabric

  • By the 3 layers / 2 layers Lamination technology combine TPU or Micro-porous PU membrane with fabrics, Provide you high performance waterproof, wind-off and moisture permeability / breath ability, keep you warm and dry with comfortable.


TPU membrane Tech:

By water blocked layer – TPU membrane to stop water and moisture out of clothes. Using the hydrophilic property of TPU membrane to absorb clothes inside sweat and moisture by the different air pressure of clothes’ outside and inside to push moisture out of clothes.

Micro-porous PU membrane Tech:

By using the water liquid molecule is much bigger than water vapor molecule to stop water out of clothes and enable water vapor through easily. Because that there are many micro-pores in the membrane. The pores are small than water liquid molecule to stop water out, but the pores is much bigger than water vapor molecule enable the water vapor easy pass.