Quick Dry fabric / Moisture Management fabric

How does it work?

This fabric is using uniquely “X” shaped cross-section fiber. With the high absorption, the sweat and moisture will be pulled away from skin very quickly. Due to the absorption of quick dry fabrics is better than general fiber, it would be helpful to prevent the clothes sticking to your body.

This series has a fast absorption and quick dry technology that accelerates the diffusion and evaporation of sweat, leading to a rapid drop of temperature. On reaching a lower temperature sooner, the body stops perspiring earlier with SPORTINGTEX® Quick Dry fabrics.

Quick dry fiber cross section

For the maximum comfort

In the winter or low Temperature condition, too much moisture inside clothes will affect the warm keeping performance negatively. SPORTINGTEX® Quick Dry fabric can pull moisture out of clothes quickly to keep skin and clothes as dry as possible.

The special structure fiber is built by many micro-spaces inside yarn enable air pass through easily to make textile more breathable also provide users with an excellent dry and cool touch during intense work out or sports competition.