Dairy Cattle in SPORTINGTEX® Cooling Fabric Results in Amazing Experiment



According to NOAA’s 2020 climate report,  the Earth’s average temperature is about 15C and has been much higher in the past, temperatures are now rising faster than before. We, all living beings are suffering the consequence of the civilization and convenient life we have created. 

Now we are all facing the crisis with dramatic climate change and it’s our biggest challenge we must respond this century.

Using technology properly, we can help our earth to decrease CO2. For instance, fabric makes users feel 1~2℃ lower than regular fabric in the same condition, therefore, the air conditioner can be adjusted 1~2 ℃ higher to save energy.

Cooling textile is a major product that benefits not only our life, but also helps all living creatures to deal with the high-temperature environment.

Dairy cattle encounter extremely hot weather and gradually affect the milk quality. Customer of Sportingtex uses our cooling fabrics to make a cooling blanket for dairy cattle. Below photos present the temperature difference while wearing. Not to mention the fabric includes wicking-moisture management to keep dairy cattle feel dry and comfortable.


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