Graphene Fabric vs. Bamboo Charcoal Fabric | Temperature Regulating Fabric

Graphene Fabric vs. Bamboo Charcoal Fabric

What Is Graphene?

The simplest approach to understanding graphene is to think of it as thin graphite, a carbon; a sheet-like substance used in pencil lead. Graphene is one of the allotropes of the chemical element “H” known as carbon. It has the same atoms, but they are arranged differently, giving the material different properties. For instance, both carbon and graphite are forms of carbon, but they have very different properties and characters. carbon is very strong, while graphite is brittle. The atoms of graphene are bonded together and repeated in hexagonal patterns.

A single layer of carbon atoms makes up the strong and long-lasting substance known as graphene. Because of the tight chemical links between these atoms, graphene is 200 times stronger than steel.

It is now the newest substance in recent years and involves textile technology with great properties for its mechanical and functional capabilities. It is getting a lot of attention in the textile industry as the result has shown positive performance even for simple daily wearing.

How Does Graphene Fabric Work?

Graphene nanoparticles are processed and embedded into the fiber, the graphene fibers spin into the fabric. Athletic companies and clothing brands could customize the graphene fabrics for wearing products, mainly to enhance the greatest level of sports performance.

Graphene fabrics make it a perfect material for various types of fabrics and garments. SPORTINGTEX® has been working on developing fibers that are composed of graphene. Now that we are aware of the applications of graphene in clothing, it is time to see how this marvelous substance can improve a common fabric.

What Are the Benefits of Graphene Fabric?

Graphene is a great material to improve a piece of clothing due to its high thermal and electrical conductivity. Sports, outdoor, maternity, and smart clothing items can benefit from good heat retention properties and electrical conductivity. The material functions as a filter between the skin and the environment, releasing heat in warm weather and retaining and distributing body heat evenly in colder climates. While remaining breathable and comfortable, textiles with graphene enhancements have the potential to support the way our bodies naturally regulate their internal temperatures.

There are three major characteristics that we benefit from graphene fabric:

  1. High resistance to electrical and conductivity: A naturally conductive substance is graphene. Electric charges are dispersed when the layers of graphene are applied, preventing the electric charges from building up on the surface.
  2. Thermoregulation: When encountering variations in the temperature or physical exercise, graphene can maintain a steady body temperature with no significant thermal change.
  3. Anti-odor: Graphene nanoparticles offer outstanding anti-odor properties and are free of toxicity.

Graphene fabric reduces tension with better conductivity; aids in removing negative energy and static electricity from the body.

Use of Graphene Fabrics

Graphene fabric is considered a future textile due to its strongest and most flexible characteristics. The use of graphene fabrics is not only for sportswear and outdoor wear there are also a wide number of industries including home accessories, health care, electronics, energy, and military, that started influenced by graphene substance.

In textile industries, the inner of graphene coats, gloves, pants, basic items like t-shirts and leggings, and several other winter apparel can all be made from graphene materials. Numerous suppliers of graphene have developed fibers that can combine with different fibers according to customers’ needs. Graphene fabrics have flexible characteristics that we can customize the fabric with the antibacterial and same time with quick dry properties.

A fabric made from such a sophisticated fiber with thermal qualities offers the perfect fabric for creating a variety of garments since it serves as a great replacement for metal sensors.

How Much Is Fabric Graphene per Yard?

Pricing today for graphene fabrics ranges depending on the quality of fabric structure, percentage of graphene fiber, and volume of purchase. The wide variance in the price range of the market is mainly because not all graphene fabrics require the highest quality contents of graphene. For instance, some customers need a lower percentage of graphene yarn for their selling purpose while other customers require a higher percentage of graphene yarn for professional athletes. SPORTINGTEX® will help to find the most suitable graphene fabric and assist with the price according to the needs.

Graphene Fabric for Sale

SUN DREAM ENTERPRISE CO. LTD. (SPORTINGTEX®) is a fabric manufacturer that locates in Southern Taiwan, graphene fabrics are one of the functional fabrics for supplying. As a graphene fabric manufacturer, we offer graphene fabrics with different fabric structures, fabric patterns, and fabric weights.

Our graphene fabrics are using nano-technology to process the graphene into powder, and the graphene powder adds directly into the fiber. Graphene-embedded textiles are the potential for wearable technologies, particularly, the function will never be washed away from the fiber.

SPORTINGTEX® is committed to protecting the environment and continuously creating eco-friendly products according to global environmental regulations. In keeping with the idea of responsibility for life, we concentrate on the creation of health protection products to prevent potential risks to the human body.