What is Silver Ion Antimicrobial Fabric? Why Do You Need It When The Covid-19 Pandemic Is Raging?

Antimicrobial fabric masks, clothes, and gloves become our necessaries, since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, people have been seeking protection against microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.

There are many different methods of antimicrobial treatments that can be delivered to the fabrics. So how do you source the best antimicrobial fabrics to manufacture your products? 

What is an Antimicrobial Fabric / Antibacterial Fabric?

Most people have the idea that antimicrobial fabrics /antibacterial fabrics are materials that kill or slow the spread of microorganisms.

Antimicrobial fabrics are the fabric that can be treated, infused, or coated with different types of antimicrobial compounds to inhibit the growth of bacteria or fungus. Bacteria and fungus tend to grow in humid environments; practically, they love to stay on the surfaces of textiles that hold moisture and heat, especially when close to the human skin. That is the reason why the body smells. Those bacteria are actually living in the areas of sweating on the body. 

Good antimicrobial fabric does not only need to be durable with high-performance protection of the treated textile; it has to be safe for the human body without any harm to the skin. Most importantly, the best antimicrobial fabric must be environment-friendly.

antibacterial fabric / antimicrobial fabric
Antimicrobial technologies are applied to the fabrics to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the fabrics.

What is Silver Ion Antimicrobial Fabric?

Using pure silver to control infections or for medical purposes were very common in ancient time. Healers and surgeons recognized the healing benefits of silver.  However, nowadays, the innovative technology of Silver Ion Antimicrobial is a silver-based active compound that can be built into polymers, coatings, textiles to offer protection against bacterial growth. We are actually living with microorganisms that are surrounded in our environment, which can cause sickness once making contact with the human body. 

Sportingtex Silver Ions Antimicrobial Fabric
SPORTINGTEX® uses innovative technology, which simply delivers a small percentage of silver ions concentration liquid formulation to the fabric’s surface. Made in Taiwan.

How Do Silver Ion Antimicrobial Fabrics work?

When we touch the bacteria or any microorganism, the antimicrobial products will release the positively charged silver ion (Ag+) and make contact with the negatively charged cells by incorporating the cell membranes. After making contact with bacteria (negatively charged cells are called bacterial), the Ag(+) starts to destroy essential bad cell functions, such as the respiratory system, energy production, and ultimately results in cell death. The Ag+ will be leaving the particles to fight with the next bacterial to continue antimicrobial performance without causing any deadly chemicals in the human body.

SPORTINGTEX® Silver Ion Antimicrobial Fabric uses innovative technology, which simply delivers a small percentage of silver ions concentration liquid formulation to the fabric’s surface. Furthermore, it can be applied and processed with multiple textiles categories (polyester, nylon, cotton, etc.) that will provide a safe and smart fabric to control the unpleasant bacteria. Another benefit is the fabrics can remain fresh after at least 50 times of washings or more. With the antimicrobial fabric of SPORTINGTEX® smart technology, brand owners and designers will experience the effective antimicrobial effect on their products.

Silver ions are also transported into the cells and will block cell division by binding to the DNA.